This tutorial will attempt to unravel the mysteries of playing and improvising the blues on a saxophone and is designed for a beginner; by that I mean a beginner improviser and not saxophonist. It is assumed that the student is comfortable with their instrument and is able to find their way around all the keys in both the two and a half standard octaves if not, please get to that very basic level and come back here to continue.

Right, now that you are here let’s begin by stating that you don’t have to complete this course sequentially, it has been designed so that it’s possible to jump in and out of different sections at will. However, if you are new to improvising, you’ll get the most out of the course by following each section step-by-step.

This course is written for a Bb instrument. For example: Soprano/Tenor saxophone. If you play another instrument such as an Eb Alto saxophone, you will need to transpose the musical examples accordingly. There’s a handy chart for doing for transposing here.

Alternatively, if there is a big enough demand, I’ll provide Eb musical notation.

Please Note: This is work in progress and not all sections are complete or published. As and when they are the content link will be made available.


Enjoy and good luck.


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